SigMap’s Geographical Information System (GIS)

Atlas is SigMap’s powerful and intuitive GIS offering; a simple solution to visualising and analysing the signal data. Integrate and compare with environmental and socio-economic data; create context and inform decision making. Atlas’ simple to navigate user interface requires very little training and support. The cloud based system is compatible with multiple browsers and platforms and allows the user to overlay and compare multiple data sets in an instant.

SigMap Overlay current population

atlas gis


SigMap’s Atlas GIS utilises a simple browser to allow visualisation, integration, analyses and collaboration.

Data integrations

  • Pre-integration of SigMap’s signal data.
  • Pre-integration of standard data sets including the entire ABS Community Profile and preconfigured commonly used demographic cohorts.
  • Integrate data both within Atlas and externally for comparison.
  • Import and integrate individual user data sets.
  • Utilise a variety of formats.

Data analyses

  • Create and save specific user projects.
  • Create catchments around areas of interest to specifically query and compare.
  • Compare signal data to the built and natural environment as well as a range of socioeconomic indicators.
  • Save views and analysis and build consistent reporting over time.
  • Export data into both raw and report format.

SigMap overlay on Population Growth

atlas gis


SigMap’s Atlas is the simplest solution to visualising geographical information. Atlas' easy to pilot user interface opens the system to use by all skill levels, as very little training or support is required.

Atlas is the optimal GIS solution if you need to:

  • Increase information flow and availability with low risk.
  • Optimise workflow through greater connectivity.
  • Ensure workforce safety, security and efficiency.
  • Expand a business into new territory.
  • Hire a reliably connected remote workforce.
  • Improve capability of local business through digital transformation.
  • Deliver quality funding submissions backed by qualified data.
  • Collaborate with colleagues across disciplines, organisations or across the world.
  • Visualise existing data and realise undiscovered relationships between data sets.

Next Steps

SigMap’s Atlas GIS is an effective data visualisation solution. Contact SigMap if you are interested in learning more.

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