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How to avoid mobile phone black spots

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Posted by 7 News Brisbane on Monday, 4 December 2017

Moreton Bay Regional Council Press Release | 07/12/17

As a North Lakes business in the Moreton Bay Region, SigMap is proud to announce that the MBRC will be the first council to benefit from this innovative crowdsourcing solution to mobile coverage issues.

Moreton Bay Regional Council has teamed up with a North Lakes-based software solutions company to push for better mobile coverage in the region’s rural and remote areas.

Council will work with FlowBiz, an SME company specialising in ‘unique made to order’ solutions and utilise mobile app technology with a full back end system to accurately map areas in Moreton Bay experiencing limited or intermittent mobile connections. 

Mayor Sutherland said despite successful blackspot funding for parts of the region, a number of residents and workers in remote areas still experience blackspots.

“There are significant parts of our region that desperately need reliable mobile connections, and this project will provide the evidence-based data we need to push for vital blackspot funding and planning from our Federal Government and telecom providers,” Mayor Sutherland said.

Through the partnership, a mobile app will be installed on the phones and tablet devices of council maintenance crews, which will then periodically test the mobile signal strength in the area.

This information will be relayed to FlowBiz to generate publicly-available data that will map the areas in Moreton Bay with the poorest mobile coverage.

“We have more than 25,000 business in Moreton Bay, and it’s simply unfair for those businesses in rural areas - our farmers and agri-businesses - to have to put up with sub-par mobile connections.

“It’s also not just businesses that suffer, it’s local residents who struggle to get a phone signal to make important calls or stay in touch with loved ones.

“We’re stepping up to make sure our region gets the mobile coverage it needs and deserves, and we need our Federal counterparts to do the same.”

FlowBiz CEO Terry Sinkinson said “Being a local Moreton Bay business we are excited MBRC is the first council to take up the challenge of accurately identifying mobile blackspots.

Community and residents can also become involved by downloading the free app from  If you need to understand how to avoid poor signals, get involved and make poor signals a thing of the past.” Mr Sinkinson said.

Mayor Sutherland said it was great to be working with a local business to address mobile blackspots in Moreton Bay.

“I’m always keen to make sure that wherever possible, we work with locals on projects, so to have Terry and the FlowBiz team on board is a great result,” Mayor Sutherland said.

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