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SigMap provides accurate, real-world, crowd sourced data on mobile telephone carrier coverage and blackspots. This data can be licensed and utilised with SigMap’s intuitive Geographical Information System (GIS), Atlas. Or download it straight into your existing GIS. Our flexible reporting delivers a single source of benchmarking with up-to-date historical trends.

How does it work?

The SigMap app for Android, iOS or Windows runs constantly in the background at a very low power draw. No identifying information is collected, ensuring all users remain strictly anonymous. The app notes change in carrier signal conditions and sends this data to SigMap’s secure server where it is collated and displayed on SigMap’s coverage map.

How accurate is the data?

All data received from the SigMap app is quality tested and validated prior to being pooled with other data. While app users are provided with the SigMap coverage map for free, this shows only a 100 x 100 metre accuracy. The greater the number of users, the more accurate the data collected; and coverage can be shown up to a 10 x 10 metre accuracy.

The benefits of SigMap

Forget drive around surveys and simulations or relying on theoretical coverage maps, SigMap provides real-world data about mobile telephone carriers, their strengths, their presence and their blackspots. Currently, carriers do not provide the granularity needed for informed decision making. Be secure in your decisions, whether planning for new infrastructure or sending employees to areas they will be safe, have the latest information and stay connected.

To bid in the Blackspot Program, Local and State governments need to identify and collect data to support the presence of blackspots and then assemble evidence to suggest the spot needs to be improved. Evidence to improve coverage in such areas may include analysis of population, commerce and emergency requirements. SigMap gives you the power to visualise signal data; concrete proof of blackspots able to be overlayed with other data sets.

SigMap helps identify communities that are at a disadvantage. Areas where economic development cannot be effective due to poor signal infrastructure. These communities are unable to take advantage of emerging technologies, stunting growth and allowing the gap to widen. Perhaps this is a remote area that cannot utilise tele-health services, an agricultural business unable to connect, tourism unable to stay competitive. Economic development requires connectivity.

GIS: Visualising the data

Already have a GIS in place? SigMap’s crowd sourced data can be fed directly into your existing GIS, do so manually or set up an automatic upload. SigMap also provides a standalone product; the Atlas GIS is a powerful addition to the licensing of SigMap data.

Atlas is a cloud based platform, featuring a simple to navigate user interface accessed through a web browser, requiring little training and support. Atlas accepts the upload of multiple data sets, allowing users to rapidly make direct comparisons with SigMap’s signal data.

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