What is SigMap?

SigMap uses the power of the crowd to get accurate and real-world data about mobile telephone carriers. Worried about being in contact when you go away? Tired of poor reception where you live? Downloading the free SigMap app will let you contribute to making lost signals a thing of the past.

How does it work?

The SigMap app runs in the background at a very low power draw. It notes changes in signal as users go about their day and later sends this data to the secure SigMap server. Once received, the data is validated and collated with data from other users to produce our coverage map.

Why is it free?

The SigMap app is free to users and uses no ads; empowering individuals to accurately quantify their local signal strength and encouraging participation. The greater the number of users, the more accurate the data. This data can then be used to inform decisions such as where to build future mobile infrastructure.

Empowering Communities

SigMap gives power back to communities and puts pressure back on carriers. With the SigMap app, have confidence in your coverage, see signal strength in any location and filter the coverage map by carrier. Make an informed decision about which carrier is best for your location, or demand more from your existing carrier. Feel safe knowing you will receive emergency SMS messages. Contribute to your community in providing government with accurate data to address coverage issues and plan future infrastructure.

Maintaining Privacy

We understand that anonymity is of the utmost importance and therefore SigMap collects no identifying data, leaving individual users strictly anonymous. The collected location and signal data is stored locally on your mobile device and uploaded to the secure SigMap server later; meaning there is also no real-time data collected about your device or your location. While the app store you use will want to know who you are, SigMap receives none of this personal information. All data is collected anonymously, all the time.

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If you want to find out more about the SigMap app, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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